Donation for Purple Saturdays movement

The Purple Saturdays movement is a global initiative that advocates for the rights and freedoms of women, particularly in regions where they are most oppressed. The movement has been particularly active in Afghanistan, where the recent takeover by the Taliban has led to widespread concerns about the future of women’s rights in the country. The movement’s decision to open its PayPal system for donations is a significant step in its efforts to support Afghan women. These funds will be used to support women’s rights organizations in Afghanistan, as well as to continue the activities of the Purple Saturdays movement within the country. The Purple Saturdays movement is committed to ensuring that the rights of Afghan women are not violated under the rule of the Taliban. The group has been vocal in its condemnation of the Taliban’s treatment of women, and has pledged to continue its advocacy work until all Afghan women are able to live free from oppression and violence. Those interested in supporting the Purple Saturdays movement can make a donation through their PayPal system. Every contribution will go directly towards supporting the fight for women’s rights in Afghanistan. The Purple Saturdays movement is grateful for any support and encourages everyone to stand with them in solidarity with the women of Afghanistan. Together, we can make a difference and help to ensure that the rights of all women are respected and protected.

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