The crime of the Taliban group has been going on for two years

Since the Taliban took over the country two years ago, life under their rule has drastically changed for Afghanistan citizens, particularly for women. The Taliban’s strict interpretation of Islamic law has resulted in a highly oppressive and restrictive environment.For women, daily life has become a constant struggle against discrimination, violence, and limited freedoms. The Taliban’s anti-women laws have severely curtailed their rights and autonomy. Women are now required to adhere to a strict dress code, covering themselves from head to toe in burqas whenever they step out of their homes. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to severe punishment, including public floggings.

Education for women has been severely restricted. Girls are often denied access to schools, and those that are allowed to attend face a limited curriculum that focuses primarily on religious studies. Women pursuing higher education or professional careers have been forced to abandon their dreams and aspirations.

Employment opportunities for women have also been severely limited. Many workplaces have been closed down, and women are often barred from working in public-facing roles. This has resulted in a significant economic setback for women and their families, pushing many into poverty.The Taliban’s oppressive regime has also led to an increase in violence against women. Forced marriages, domestic abuse, and honor killings have become alarmingly common. Women live in constant fear for their safety and well-being, with little to no recourse for justice or protection.Public spaces have become highly segregated, with strict rules separating men and women. Women are prohibited from participating in sports or any form of public entertainment. They are also restricted from leaving their homes without a male guardian, severely limiting their mobility and independence.Overall, life under the Taliban has been marked by fear, oppression, and a loss of basic human rights. Afghan women have been stripped of their freedoms and subjected to a life of subjugation and inequality. The daily struggle to survive and resist the Taliban’s oppressive regime has become a harsh reality for many.